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Pink Patches 2013

This year’s Pink Week patch was designed to honor the significantly pink contributions of the late, great Don Featherstone, artist and creator of the original plastic lawn flamingo. Although the two flamingos auspiciously mirror the shape of the number 22 they are there to represent the amazing connection between Don and his wife Nancy, who wore matching outfits for 35 years. Twenty-two pink lawn flamingos will be installed in the landscaping of Art department at Sacramento City College during pink week as a reverent memorial to Mr. Featherstone and his famous creation. Read more.

Send $2 and your mailing address to receive this year’s pink week patch in the mail or if you are in Sacramento, simply buy one for $1 directly from Gioia wherever you happen to see her after October 31st. Patches are also available at Delta Workshop, 2598 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95818, while supplies last.

Send $2 to:
Pink Week
4965 Bonniemae Way
Sacramento, CA 95820


Thursday, November 12, 2015
5 - 9 pm
Crocker Art Museum
FREE with General Admission or $10

Jump off the color wheel at this month’s Art Mix to celebrate the ever-evolving 22nd Annual Pink Week created by Gioia Fonda. Create some collaborative mail art with San Francisco's Correspondence Coop. Get red hot with live salsa music from Simon Rowe Latin Project and beats from DJ Young Aundee. Wear your favorite color and make quick close friends playing Twister or while learning new dance moves with Sac State's own Salsa Loca. Let Katie Thomas' video color mind meld CMY Projection draw you in. Lose yourself in the black and white splendor of The Age of Albrecht Durer: German Drawings from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Enjoy food and drink discounts during happy hour from 5 – 6 PM and $5 drink specials all night.

Join us for the second Saturday reception on
November 14, 6-9 PM

WAL Marketplace, 1104 R Street, Sacramento, CA 94811
The exhibition will include mail art exhibit curated by Bay Area artist Tofu, made up of over 200 pink postcards mailed from all around California, across the country and overseas. The show will also include pink themed art from Melanie Bown, Joel Michael Smith, Sarah Detweiler, Mary Mortimer, Jeff Mayry, and Pink Week founder herself, Gioia Fonda.

Are you a Pinner?
Check out Gioia’s collection of nearly 2000 pink things here.

Happy Pink Week to you (or any color week for that matter)! Let’s let the colors be! Help spread the word, pink is a color, not a cause! And lastly, we sincerely thank you for participating.

Pink week is essentially a not-for-profit art piece with absolutely no political, religious, social or medical agenda other than pink. Pink week should not to be confused with pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness, pink triangles representing homosexual identity or any gender specific or branding use of the color. During pink week, pink just means pink. This holiday is an attempt to temporarily liberate the color pink from any meaning or traditional associations (at least for one week a year).

Additionally, pink week can be a great excuse to be festive and neighborly without the fuss, stress and stigma attached to more traditional holidays. It can serve as a common ground, a way to reach out, engage and participate with the people around you. It can be a joyful exercise and reminder to live in the present. Pink week can serve as an occasion to explore our notions of what exactly holidays are and their relevance in our contemporary lives.

Lastly, pink week can be an important educational opportunity illustrating the endless possibility of forms “art” can take. Pink week may function as an introduction to conceptual art and Duchampian ideas. Pink week stands as an affirmation of the fact that art can be affordable and accessible to all and that art remains an inevitable and necessary element of our present and broadly expanding human culture.

Pink Week is, and always has been, a conceptual art piece, an idea more than a “thing”. The goal has never been to make pink week a commercial holiday a la Hallmark. Rather, the objectives have always been to use art to foster a reexamination of both our preconditioned responses to color (especially pink) and the roles holidays and art play in our contemporary lives. The vision remains the same today.

Very little is needed to participate. You can celebrate pink week most simply by opening your eyes and consciousness to the optic sensation of pink in the world around you.

Traditionally the holiday is observed by wearing pink clothes, eating pink foods, and/or visiting pink places. Some people throw their own pink week party or find ways to share the holiday with others. Very special people show their true interest and commitment to this concept by becoming Pink Week ambassadors and spreading the idea around in their own communities.


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Gioia Fonda would like to Thank & Acknowledge
the following people
who have helped

Eric Wood
Chief Consultant of
Pink Week since 1993

Jim Fonda
Honorary Pink Week
Ambassador since 1998

John Atura
Official Pink Week
Ambassador since 1999

Stella Rhodine
Official Pink Week
Ambassador since 2001

Honorary Pink Week
Ambassador since 2001

D. Oldham
Honorary Pink Week
Ambassador since 2002

Carrie Cottini
Honorary Pink Week
Ambassador since 2002

Kyle Neath
Honorary Pink Week
Ambassador since 2002

Matt Bourbon
Official Pink Week
Ambassor since 2002

Shalene Valenzuela
Honorary Pink Week
Ambassador since 2004

Sarah Detweiler
Official Pink Week
Ambassador since 2004

Kelly Cunningham
Official Pink Week
Ambassador and Social Media Consultant since 2005

Mindy Sue Wittock
Official Pink Week
Ambassador since 2013

If you'd like to send any comments, questions, requests, gifts or donations:

Pink Week
4965 Bonniemae Way
Sacramento, CA